I am a motion graphics animator and compositor / mixed media artist. I graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor’s Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media. I have a distinct creative outlook which is linked to my life experience. For this reason I believe it is relevant to mention work that I have done that is not immediately related to animation; experiences from wildland fire fighting to gourmet butcher shop clerk. These experiences influence both my work ethic and creative vision. To Paraphrase Werner Herzog, if you want to be a great film maker go out and live life.
I've also been working on my debut graphic novel. I wrote it as a feature film script and am in the process of illustrating it. More about the project will be posted to the "Kita" page on this website.
If you are looking to hire a motion graphics animator, or other animation and compositing work, please reach out. Thank you! 
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